Everything that we eat and drink has a major influence on our health and mood. Below you will find seven steps which will easily and quickly bring you closer to the ideal of healthy diet, improve your mood and create a strong immune system.

1. The first step to health – Detox

In order to maintain the health of your organism, occasionally you need to get rid of the accumulated toxins in your body. First of all, it is important to speed up and improve digestion and stimulate the natural cleansing of the body inside and out. We recommend that you clean your digestive system with the help of psyllium husks that you can add to a smoothie or juice. Try to drink them before they turn into a thick jelly. During the day drink plenty of water and eat short cooked vegetables and high-fiber foods.

2. Full carbohydrates for stable energy

Cereals are an ideal example of a simple and fiber-rich foods. Instead of refined white rice or pasta, try to consume whole grain cereals and wholegrain ecological grains with wild yeast and without additives. For start, you can consume cereals for breakfast, along with dried fruit. This will keep a steady supply of energy in your organism during the morning hours. Ideal breakfast cereals are millet, amaranth, quinoa or rice which are natural and do not contain gluten. Do not forget to chew your the food thoroughly, because digestion begins in the mouth.


3. Consume protein from natural sources

Proteins have an important compositional-protective role in our body. We suggest that instead of difficult to digest meat food you consume legumes such as chickpeas, black, colored or white beans, and various types of lenses. Legumes do not contain gluten, are rich in protein, fiber, minerals and B vitamins, have a low glycemic index and contain very low percentage of fat.

4. Cold-pressed oils for health

It is important to use easily digestible cold-pressed vegetable oils such as coconut oil, which is extremely thermo stable and ideal for healthy cooking and frying. Regarding hemp and flax oil, it’s not recommended to heat them, so just add them to salads or cooked meals. For a distinctive food flavor, try the dark sesame oil.


5. Continue to consume sweets

You do not need to forgot sweets, but should be able to choose healthier options. We suggest that you try natural sweeteners such as rice or barley malt, maple syrup or good old honey. For the honey, be sure that it has organic certificate so it does not contain toxins which are often used in the production of conventional honey. As with everything, consuming in moderate amount is important.

improved immunity

6. Optimal hydration

Do not forget to bring a sufficient amount of water in the body! During the colder seasons, our food intake is different (because of lower temperatures we have need for greater energy intake, we eat more often, and the food is more caloric). But only with sufficient hydration we can convert the food into energy that is needed to heat our body. Water is one of the key regulators of our body temperature and consequently good health. Drink water, unsweetened herbal teas and natural drinks such as juice from birch trees or coconut water.

7. Energy boosters for moments of imbalance

Occasionally we all need natural energy boosters. We suggest that you try the Panax ginseng, green tea which is rich in catechin, and the powerful blue-green algae Spirulina.