Calcium is one of the essential minerals in our organism and important constituent for our bones and teeth. This mineral is also on the list of World Health Organization essentials. It has a variety of applications and below we are gonna present 5 important facts about calcium you should know.

More sleep, less calcium
When we sleep, we lose more calcium than when we are awake. Of course, this does not mean that we should reduce our sleep, because this can cause other problems. Breakfast rich with calcium or calcium supplements helps us compensate for the “lost calcium” during the night.


Take calcium in small doses
Experts recommend that you do not consume more than 500 mg of calcium at one intake, because the body can not absorb quantity bigger that this dosage. This means that it is best to take smaller doses of calcium supplements repeatedly – two to three times per day.


Women need more calcium
The recommended daily dose for men is approximately 800 mg, while for women around 1000 mg. This dosage for women is increased to 1500 mg during the menopause period.


CalciumĀ is excellent “binder”
This mineral is rarely found in its pure form. The molecular structure of calcium causes it to easily bind with other elements. Therefore, most often we find it as calcium carbonate, calcium carbide and calcium sulfate.

The role of calcium in the body
The first association of calcium is healthy bones. But calcium is also necessary for proper functioning of muscles, blood vessels, nerves, brain and the secretion of insulin.