Consuming a lot of sugar is not very healthy – in fact, sugar may be one of the worst supplement choices if you want a long and healthy life. But, today sugar is so present in the everyday food and drink we consume, it’s practically impossible to avoid it.

Refined white sugar globally contributes to the epidemic of obesity and developing type 2 diabetes, and the way it affects the body is much more complex than just weight gain. However, replacing white sugar with natural and healthy sweeteners can have positive impact on your health, and in this process you can lose a few kilograms. Fortunately, there are a sufficient number of healthy replacements for refined white sugar, and you will not even notice the difference. Many of these replacements, in addition to their sweet flavor, have healthy benefits.

Below we are presenting you top 5 healthy sugar replacements:

#1 Stevia

Originally from Paraguay and Brazil, this plant for centuries has enjoyed the status of a natural cure for diabetes, high blood pressure and wound healing among Indians. Although is 300 times sweeter than sugar, it has a very low glycemic index with a negligible share of calories, and can be used by diabetics. In addition, stevia is balancing the secretion of the hormone insulin and contributes to lowering the level of total cholesterol.


#2 Agave syrup 

This natural sweetener is widely used in Mexico, and its made by extracting the agave plant juices. He is often called “honey water” because it has a mild taste and light color. Because it has an unusually low glycemic index, agave practically has no effect on blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics. It is excellent for making cakes, jams and marmalade’s.


#3 Honey

This famous ingredient is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other phytonutrients. He is food and medicine in one – restores energy, strengthens immunity, facilitates the absorption of drugs and hormones and has antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. It’s very sweet, but has a much lower glycemic index compared to refined white sugar.


#4 Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that is obtained from the bark of maple wood, and is another excellent alternative for white sugar. It abounds with minerals such as zinc and manganese, and helps in balancing cholesterol levels. However, diabetics should use it with caution, because it has a relatively high glycemic index. It can sweeten all drinks – coffee, tea and juice, and is often used as an ideal substitution for raw desserts preparation.

#5 Coconut sugar

This sugar is traditionally used for cooking and sweetening in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. Due to its unique taste and aroma, but also of its lower glycemic index, its an excellent alternative to sugar derived from sugar cane and sugar beet. Obtained from the sap of coconut flower, the coconut sugar contains many healthy ingredients, including iron, zinc, calcium and potassium.