It is already known that hiking has numerous health benefits for the cardiovascular system. But did you know that hiking is one of the best forms of exercise for those with thyroid disorders and adrenal exhaustion?

In addition to contributing to health of the cardiovascular system, hiking reduces depression and helps you sleep better. Also, those who hike regularly have a reduced risk of colon cancer and breast cancer, and possibly a lower risk of lung and thyroid cancer. Furthermore, hiking activates almost every part of the body: legs, knees, ankles, hands, hips, shoulders and neck.


Hiking activates your body, but also your mind – going out into nature is experience that awakens the senses and nourishes the imagination. Numerous studies show that hiking has a positive impact on the treatment of symptoms of stress and anxiety. Spending time in nature is rooted in our DNA, which we sometimes forget. Therefore, hiking can turn into a meditative practice – it’s a wonderful way to work out and connect with nature, which in turn will encourage relaxation and creativity.

So, how thyroid disorders can be helped with hiking?

Many thyroid problems occur due to frustration (especially when you have this conditions for a long period of time). The reason can be physical or emotional trauma, a sense of inferiority or accumulation of negative emotions. And while physical symptoms may improve slightly thanks to diet, lifestyle changes or medication, complete healing sometimes requires going a step further.


Are there any conflicts or suppress sources of frustration in your life when you were not able to express your ideas and thoughts for fear of condemnation or criticism? Do you manage to express yourself or allow others to speak for you because you care what others think about you and how you are perceived?

How often do you stay in nature? How often are you able to stay away from technology, job responsibilities and stress of everyday life?


Hiking is a great chance to relieve the mind from the noise of the modern world and re-connect with nature. Become aware of the environment and the scenes that surround you.


Keep track of the changing seasons, learn about the plants that surround you. Knowing the names of the flowers, plants and trees can help you create a deeper understanding of the vitality that surrounds you at all times. This will take you out of your own head, away from the worries and fears, and possibly help you switch to a state of gratitude and abundance.

Tip: on your next hike, take a break on halfway or top and sit for a few moments in silence or listen to guided meditation.

Be consistent in meditation practice, because this will train your subconscious to leave the old forms of anxiety. You will create space for treatment, manifest your greatest desires and activate body health and vitality. In this way you can achieve everything you ever wanted, with a state of harmony and balance in the body.