The beneficial effects of So Ham meditation on the mind and body will allow you to expand your perception and make it easier for you to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Today more and more people every day are practicing at least some form of meditation, which is no surprise given the many benefits it can bring. Meditation is often prescribed as medication for stress and release of negative emotions. Through this technique you can develop a sense of belonging and connected-ness of your being with the entire creation, which strengthens compassion and love.


One of the oldest known meditation practice is So Ham meditation – a simple technique which is extremely useful as a supplement for general well-being of mind and body. How to do it?

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Breathe in through the nose and mentally repeat “so … ooo” during breathing in. Direct your awareness to “so”, so that “so” is going inward, into the center of the brain and the body, where it stops. Stay there in a split second, and when you are ready, exhale mentally saying “hammmm” during the exhalation phase. Exhale “ham” from the body and let it blend in with open space. Between these two stages, “so” and “ham”, there is a space of pure consciousness. Stay there. With this practice, you will slowly discover inner beauty, joy and truth.